Wrightia vietnamensis – Dwarf Sacred Buddhist – Mini Water Jasmine

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This is a rare dwarf or miniature tropical plant that produces small fragrant jasmine like flowers. It can be grown in a container and is even trained well as a Bonsai tree.

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Wrightia vietnamensis is a rare miniature Wrightia perfect for bonsai. Common name Dwarf Water Jasmine and also known as Dwarf Sacred Buddhist. It has small leaves and gets small, white, single, fragrant flowers. Fragrance is sweet and wonderful. It gets up to only 3′ tall if you want to grow it as a regular potted plant. Ideal light is bright filtered light to partial sun. Tropical plant, avoid freezing temperatures. This plant does go dormant in the winter time. Rare plant!

All photos were taken of our mature mother plants or a Bonsai tree in our collection. These are not the plants for sale.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 18 in
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