Wrightia religiosa ‘Single’ – Water Jasmine (8″ pot)


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This is a rarely offered tropical plant that get small fragrant white flowers nearly year round. It is commonly trained as a Bonsai tree. It is gorgeous when in full bloom!

Ships in 8″ plastic nursery pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Wrightias are very tropical plants and they love the heat. During the winter here in S. Florida, they lose all their leaves. During the spring as the weather warms up, the plants sprout and begin to flower right after. They prefer full to partial sun. Even a little bit of filtered light is okay. When they are growing, keep the soil moist and fertilize well. During the winter dormancy, keep the soil slightly moist and don’t fertilize. If kept indoors during the winter and under warm conditions, the plant may not go fully dormant. Wrightias bloom for a long time, beginning in the spring. Avoid freezing temperatures.

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