WERCKLEA FEROX – Spiny Hibiscus – Prickly Umbrella


This is a rare and unusual exotic plant in the Hibiscus family that develops large prickly green leaves with red veins. It produces small delicate yellow flowers. Collector plant.

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Wercklea extrudes crystallized sap which forms these little clear balls under the leaves and/or on the stems. This is a natural occurrence and is NOT a bug or pest eggs!

Wercklea ferox, also known as Spiny Hibiscus or Prickly Umbrella, is a rare shrub in the Hibiscus or Mallow family native to Costa Rica. This plant develops large green round leaves with gorgeous red veins. Red color seems more visible on the underside of the leaves. Not only is the foliage very unique and exotic looking, but the interesting thing is the leaves are full of bumps and prickles.
This plant also starts by forming red buds, only to pop out a yellow delicate Hibiscus-like flower. They are quite pretty as well, but often hidden from the beautiful large leaves. You can see the blooms during the warmer months. 
This plant can be grown in full sun to bright filtered light. It needs average water and fertilizer. You do need to avoid freezing temperatures. I have researched that it can reach a height of 15′, but the largest I have seen in Florida is only around 8′ tall. This is still a rare plant on the market. Very desirable for collectors and someone simply looking for something unique that not everyone has.

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