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Trichoglottis brachiata, commonly referred to as the Dark Purple Trichoglottis, stands out for its distinct chocolate brown or burgundy flowers. This Philippine native is considered the most stunning among its botanical relatives. It can come in different colors, but its petals are usually a bright, deep red-purple with fuzzy white and pink lips. Super cool and beautiful.

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This orchid does not like direct sunlight as it could scorch its leaves, a lightly shaded spot with filtered sunlight will be fine. 
To successfully grow Trichoglottis brachiata, you have a few options. You can place it in a small 2 to 3-inch basket, either bare-root like Vanda orchids or mounted if you have a humid environment and can water them daily.
Alternatively, you can plant it in a pot with well-draining bark. This substrate will retain moisture around the roots, reducing the need for daily watering. Spraying or misting the roots on hot days can also promote faster growth and more abundant blooming.

FAMILY : Orchidaceae
ORIGIN : Southeast Asia
MATURE SIZE : varies based on care
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS :  bright indirect light
MIN. TEMP. : best if kept above 50 F

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