Tradescantia sillamontana – White Velvet – Cobweb Spiderwort (4″ pot)


This is an interesting plant, great for hanging baskets. The silvery/grayish, velvety, cobweb liked hairs cover the foliage bringing a special uniqueness to this plant making it one of kind. During summer time you’ll find quarter size pink/purplish flowers blooming making it an even more fun plant to own.

Ships in 4″ pot, does not come with flowers.

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Tradescantia sillamontana – Coweb Spiderwort, is a cool, unique plant which can be planted as a low growing perennial groundcover or potted in a hanging basket. It is native to the dry regions of Mexico, specifically the mountains of Nuevo Leon. They are known for being a pretty easy plant to grow. While they do prefer partial shade, they can also tolerate full sun just be sure they have plenty of moisture in the soil. Keep in mind the leaves can burn depending on the amount of time they spend in full sun. More sun with less water will help the plants to produce more of the silvery color and keep the plant more compact. The leaves develop in a particular geometric shape. What makes this plant most interesting are the cobweb like hairs that cover over the plant. You can find them over the leaves, shoots, and even buds. These hairs protect the plant from extreme evaporation and direct sunlight. They bloom a bountiful amount of flowers in the summer time, with bright pinkish- purple flowers that consist of 3 petals. If you would like them to be a bit more bushy its recommended to pinch the tips back, as they can take on more of a vine trailing habit if not pinched. Although they are considered to be a tropical perennial, if you are located in a cooler zone they can also be grown as an annual. If you are in a climate with cooler desert winters, be prepared for them to go dormant.


FAMILY: Commelinaceae
ORIGIN: Mexico
TYPE: Trailing Vine/Bush
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Bright shade/partial sun
MIN. TEMP.: Low 40’s
FLOWER: Summer

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