Thunbergia mysorensis – Indian Clock Vine (Email for availability)

This woody-stemmed evergreen is a twining tropical vine native to southern India were it climbs through trees at high elevation in forests. It is the perfect plant for high pergola where the clusters of flowers dip down to be viewed, while the foliage compliments the performance. It is a vigorous vine that will quickly fill the space you wish to decorate! This vine attracts hummingbirds. 

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 Thrives in both full sun or part shade. It is a hardy plant that can survive temperatures as low as 25-30 degrees F. Likes to be watered averagely, it depends on where it is placed. More shade and it will need watered less, more sun and it’ll need watered more. It likes moist but well-draining soil. Water less in the Winter. 

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