Syngonium ‘Godzilla’ (4″ pot)


Popular amongst collectors, this Syngonium is an unusual arrowhead vine that displays such unique traits. The leaves curl, crinkle, and dimple, especially toward the edges. They are outlined in a dark green with a white center that patterns in veiny stripes. The pattern reminds me of broken up tiger stripes. The stems can twist and curl, and come in shades of dark to light green. Very unique and cool.

Ships in 4″ pot.

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This Syngonium thrives in warm temperatures and likes bright indirect light. It can grow indoors by a window our outdoors in a filtered light spot. Direct sun will burn the plant.
Water once the top half of the soil has dried out. In the winter, water much less, about every 2-4 weeks.
Protect from frost, this plant is not frost hardy.
When potting, choose an airy, well-draining soil that can still retain a little bit of moisture and include nutrient rich organic matter like compost.

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