Haemanthus/Scadoxus multiflorus – Fireball Lily (6″ pot)


This unusual tropical bulb produces large heads of bright red flowers in the spring time once mature. The flowers are bizarre yet very beautiful. Once done flowering, the shiny green foliage is also quite attractive. This interesting plant is recommended for beginners as it is easy to grow.

Ships in 6″ pot. JUST WAKING UP NOW. Does not come with flowers.

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Also known as: Haemanthus grandiflorum

FAMILY : Amaryllidaceae
ORIGIN : South Africa
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : sun/partial shade
 : less in the winter
avoid freezing temperatures 

The blood lily is a beautiful flowering bulb native to South Africa. After a dormancy period in the winter, the unusual flower heads emerge in the spring coming out of the ground with no leaves. The bulbs need to be mature to flower. Young plants will only produce leaves in the spring/summer. At this time, start watering and feeding with regular fertilizer regularly throughout the summer. The plants can bloom until summer and at this time you may see both flower and leaves.

Blood lily also have beautiful long leathery shiny leaves. The leaves can get 12″ long.
Around August/September, switch the fertilizer to a bloom booster, but don’t use it too much. Around November, the plant will start to go dormant again. During dormancy, reduce the watering a lot (let the soil dry out a little) and don’t fertilize. 
If you live in a non-tropical climate, dig the bulbs out and store them in a dark place. A paper bag or something similar with vermiculite around the bulb would be good.
In the spring, you should plant the bulbs again. Bury the entire bulb just below the soil, not too deep. Scadoxus multiflorus grows well in pots and the pots can be stored inside during the winter without you having to dig up the bulbs. Avoid freezing temperatures.

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