Rhipsalis capilliformis – Old Man’s Beard (4″ pot with hanger)


This is an easy to grow unusual succulent for foliage lovers. This plant prefers a more shady area and grows long in a hanging basket. The white flowers have a slight perfume fragrance. I would recommend this plant for beginners.

Ships in 4″ hanging basket. Photo #2 ONLY, is an example on size plant for sale.

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This is an easy-to-grow succulent that looks really nice in a hanging basket. This plant is purchased for its interesting green stems that hang down and resemble a long “beard.” The flowers are actually very cute white flowers, but they are just a plus. We have noted that the flowers have a light pleasant fragrance. All pictures are for reference purposes only. We are not 100% sure about this ID.

FAMILY: Cactaceae
MATURE SIZE: hanging basket, 4′ long
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: bright shade/filtered light
WATER REQUIREMENTS: keep it on the dry side
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for short periods of time
FLOWER: fall , winter, light fragrance

All photos are for reference purposes only. The plants for sale are small plants in 2″ pots. 

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