Rhaphidophora decursiva ‘Dragon’s Tail’ (4″ pot)


This rare tropical plant is a climbing species, stunning for its large green satin split leaves. As it matures the leaves deeply fenestrate, splitting beautifully resembling a “dragon’s tail”. Whether in-door or out-doors, this fast growing and tolerant plant is easy to care for, making it easy for anyone!

Ships in a 4″ pot.

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Rhaphidophora Decursiva is known for its large dark green fenestrating leaves glossy in appearance. Sometimes these leaves fenestrate so deeply they can resemble palm leaves, however it only fenestrates when it is mature enough. To keep this plant happy, it’s actually quite easy! In its native environment it grows up tree trunks, so it’s accustomed to bright indirect sunlight. Keep in a sunny window, or a sunny place outside that isn’t in direct sunlight, because then the leaves may burn. This plant thrives in well-draining soil, use something light and airy like orchid bark and perlite, for example. This plant should be watered once the top few inches of soil has dried out, you may notice in the cooler months that it needs watered less. This tropical plant is not cold-hardy. It will do just fine in average humidity temperatures, but will also thrive with extra humidity. If you notice that roots have grown through the drainage holes, or has started to circle the bottom of the pot, then it is time to repot.

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