Psidium guajava ‘Nana’ – Dwarf Guava (6″ pot)


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The Dwarf Guava is a small version of the beloved Guava. The fruit are much smaller, only about 1-2″ in diameter. Good as an ornamental plant in a container.

Ships in 1gallon pot (6″ pot). Does not come with fruit.

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The miniature Guava is an excellent choice of a fruit tree for containers or small gardens!
The Psidium guajava ‘Nana’ will go from a small shrub all the way to a “dwarf” tree that reaches its maximum capacity at around 6 feet in the ground. It can be kept 4-5 feet tall when placed in containers. Or, you could choose to use it for a bonsai as it’s becoming quite popular to do so. The mini Guavas when ripe are delicious, very rich in Vitamin C and grow only to about 2 inches in diameter.

Guavas need full sun, average water, and fertilizer. Freezing temperatures should be avoided. Within its blooming season, this Dwarf Guava plant not only produces tasty mini guavas, but also memorable white flowers that display numerous elliptic petals and white stamens. The fruits normally appear in the spring and summer time frame.

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