Pimenta racemosa – Bay Rum Tree (4″ pot)


Pimenta racemosa – Bayrum Tree can grow to be a medium size tree with upright branches and a dense, columnar or pyramidal crown. It has attractive smooth grayish to light brown aromatic bark peeling off to reveal pinkish under bark. They bloom small white flowers, and bear small black ovoid fruit (although neither should be consumed). It has been mainly known to be used in cooking however, the essential oil (Bay rum) has also been used by extracting it from the leaves and fruit for multiple things such as in fragrances, cosmetics, medicinal uses and for aromatherapy, the wood also has multiple uses in carpentry and for fence posts. 

Ships in a 4″ pot.

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Pimenta racemosa – Bayrum Tree is a species native to the Caribbean region but the plants are now grown widely in other tropical areas as well. It is related to Allspice with leaves containing aromatic oil that somewhat resembles clove oil. The essential oil has been known to be distilled to produce a fragrant cologne called bay rum. They produce small white flowers with many stamens, borne in round clusters, resembling tiny bouquets of sparkly cotton candy. They are then followed by a small ovoid fruit that turns black at maturity and contain 1-4 seeds. The seeds are also fragrant and can be used as substitute for allspice, as well as for propagation. The fruit is not edible, the bay rum (which is distilled from the berry like fruit is used for cologne, perfumes and soaps), and the essential oil itself are toxic and should not be ingested. However, the leaves can be consumed as a syrup, cooking and for herbal tea. The leaves are an obovate shape, dark green, leathery, glossy above and dull below. For generations, Bay Rum has also been used in folk medicine for sore muscles, strains and sprains. Later it was discovered for its anti-bacterial properties. Rub the leaves on you; the fragrance will linger with you all day. The ideal conditions for growing the P. racemosa are regular watering, well fertile, well-drained soil and bright full sunshine or light shade.


FAMILY: Myrtaceae
ORIGIN: West Indies, Caribbean and northern South America
12 -36 feet tall
Full Sun
Average, left top few inches dry before next watering.
35 – 100 degrees F. Avoid temps below 32 degrees F.
Flowers in March/April, fruits in July/August

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