Phoenicophorium borsigianum – Thief Palm – Latanier Palm (4″ pot)


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The Phoenicophorium borsigianum, which is also known as the thief palm is a fairly tall, solitary tree with long leaves extending from the trunk. The leaves can reach up to two meters in length; they have a crinkled appearance due to the prominent veins and are split at the ends with orange-edged serrations.

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The thief palm, Phoenicophorium borsigianum, is the only species in it genus. It is a slender, spiny palm, and can grow up to 40 feet tall. A distinctive feature of the thief palm, are the leaf stalks which can be up to half a meter long and are armed with prominent black spines. The leaves of the thief palm are enormous, undivided and provide shelter for geckos and other small animals. It is a monoecious palm, both male and female flowers are borne on the same tree on an inflorescence that emerges below the crown. The flowers bring a small, oval shaped fruit which are orange in color. The palm can establish and grow in a wide variety of habitats withstanding full sunlight and periods of drought.

FAMILY: Arecaceae
ORIGIN: Africa
20 – 40 feet tall
Sun to partial shade
Average, does not like to dry out
60 – 90 degrees F, avoid temperatures below 40 degrees F

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