Philodendron ‘Burle-Marx’ variegated (5″ pot)


This bushy climbing Philodendron, “Burle Marx”, is native to the tropical jungles of Brazil. The leathery leaves stay long and slender, variegated in bright lime-ish yellow and creamy white shades! This is an excellent choice to spruce up a house plant collection, or a wonderful way to take up a shady spot outside!

Ships in a 5″ pot. Grower’s choice.

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These plants grow beneath trees and other canopies in Brazilian jungles, so place this plant in an area with filtered sunlight. Direct sun is too much for these plants and they will drop their leaves. It can withstand lower levels of light however that will slow its growth down as well, so keep that in mind. They do best in well-draining soil with lots of aeration- heavy dense soils will choke the plant. During the growing period (warmer months) the soil should be kept consistently moist, in the cooler months it would like to dry out a little more. Root rot will occur if its not potted in the correct soil mix, something along the lines of orchid bark, coco coir etc will do. 

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