Phalaenopsis sanderiana (3″ pot)


This orchid is native to the Philippines, producing beautiful classic pastel purple and pink flowers with splashes of white and yellow in the middle. 

Ships in a 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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This orchids can handle higher levels of sunlight and can stand up to direct sunlight in the morning and very early afternoon, however be careful with mid-afternoon heat, it can burn them. You will know when they burn when their leaves turn red or yellow. If they aren’t getting enough sunlight, they will turn a darker green than normal. These plants also love humidity, around 80%. Make sure that the growing medium is allowed time to dry up inbetween watering, this is around a week in warmer months and less in cooler months, but this does love a little extra water when it is watering time. For potting mix, they enjoy bark mixes and can be mounted. 

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