PETREA RACEMOSA – Purple Queens Wreath – Sandpaper Vine


This is a popular tropical vine that resembles a Wisteria or lilac. It produces dangling clusters of purple flowers that come in raceme reaching over 1 foot long. This species has larger flowers and leaves than P. volubilis and is rarely seen for sale.

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Petrea has several common names; Queen’s Wreath, Purple Wreath, Sandpaper Vine, Tropical Wisteria, Bluebird Vine, and Fleur de Dieu. We also often hear many customers say “it looks just like a lilac.” This vine does not have a fragrance.
P. racemosa produces larger, darker flowers that are much prettier than P. volubilis. This one is also more rare. P. racemosa also has larger leaves, but both have the rough sandpaper like leaves. It is an absolutely gorgeous tropical vine when in full bloom. Petreas bloom heavily in the spring, but re-bloom a few times during the warmer months. Older plants bloom more.

FAMILY : Verbenaceae
ORIGIN : Brazil
15′ vine more or less
: full sun to partial sun
: average/medium especially at the beginning 
low 30’s for a short period of time
warmer months, heaviest in spring

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