Pereskia portulacifolia – Pink Rose Cactus

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Pereskias are the only cacti with leaves. This tropical thorny plant gets flashy hot pink flowers that resemble a delicate rose. I would recommend this plant for beginners.

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Rose Cactus are the only true cactus that have leaves. That being said, it also is very thorny. You forget about how spiny this plant is when you see the gorgeous hot pink flowers. The flowers are nice size and really pretty. It blooms a lot during the warmer weather in full sun. This plant does not like the cold and I would protect in when the weather starts to get in the 30’s. This plant may drop all leaves in winter. This rose cactus can also be used to make a Bonsai Tree.

FAMILY : Cactaceae
ORIGIN : Hispaniola
3′ – 5′
: full sun
: average
high 30’s, may go dormant in the winter time
hot pink/warmer months

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 10 × 10 in
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