Pachypodium rosulatum – Elephant’s Foot Plant (4″ pot)


This is an unusual caudex forming succulent perfect for a container. It forms an interesting fat trunk and produces tall stalks with yellow flowers in the winter to spring. I would recommend this tropical plant for beginners.

Ships in 4″ pot. No leaves in winter. New leaves in spring/summer.

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An interesting desert-rose “look-a-like” commonly known as Elephant’s Foot Plant or Madagascar Palm. This succulent from Madagascar produces very pretty yellow flowers mainly during the winter and spring although flowers can be seen sporadically year round in tropical climates. It is one of the most beautiful blooming succulents. The plant sends out long shoots forming yellow buds and flowers which is very neat. It has small green leaves which drop in the fall/winter time. The trunk is a neat silver color and has thorns. Pachypodium rosulatum grows best outdoors in direct full sun. It is drought tolerant like many cacti/succulents. It is excellent for pot culture and likes to be in small pots. It is a slow grower and not every plant produces seeds every year and can be hard to find for sale. Large specimens are rare to see offered for sale.

FAMILY: Apocynaceae (hoya, plumeria, desert rose, etc)
MATURE SIZE : 3′ tall, forms fat caudex but is more of a dwarf Madagascar palm
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for a short period, the leaves drop during cold weather
FLOWER : winter to spring, blooms when young!

All photos were taken of our old mature mother plants, not of the young plants for sale.

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