Pachypodium lamerei ‘Ihosy’ – Dwarf Madagascar Palm (email for availability)

This is an interesting caudex or caudiciforms succulent perfect for containers. This hardy tropical plant is related to the Desert Rose and is also very easy to grow. This is a dwarf or miniature species that develops a fat or swollen trunk.

Please email us with your zip code for availability. Leaves drop in the winter. New leaves in spring.


This is a rare Pachypodium or Madagascar Palm that is native to Ihosy in Madagascar. The leaves form only at the top of the trunk, like a Palm Tree, although it is not a real palm tree but rather a succulent. 
P. lamerei “Ihosy” is different than the common P. lamerei because it forms a thicker and chunkier base. It is a slow grower and doesn’t get as larger either. Although not a quick grower, it can start branching at the base at an early stage.
This interesting fat succulent has a gray/silver trunk with pinkish thorns. It has narrow green foliage in the spring and summer and no foliage in the fall and winter. Very easy to grow, low maintenance plant that is also unusual for a collector.

FAMILY : Apocynaceae
ORIGIN : Madagascar
WATER REQUIREMENTS : keep a little on the dry side
MIN. TEMP. : avoid freezing temperatures
FLOWER : summer when mature

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 18 in
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