A plant from India that thrives outside in tropical climates. Also known as Parijat and Coral Jasmine. The sweet honey scented flowers open at night and then drop off one by one by sunrise making a carpet of flowers. 

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers, but is mature to bloom.
We ship this plant at buyer’s own risk. NO REFUNDS, NO REPLACEMENTS, NO EXCEPTIONS. We can ship to you if you want one, but please understand that this plant is NOT EASY to grow for most people. It also does not always ship well. We are only shipping to customers that want it shipped at their own risk and want to grow it at their own risk. We are not responsible for problems that you may experience and we will not be able to offer refunds or replacements. Thank you for reading and understanding.

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All pictures were taken previously of our mature mother plants. The photos are not of the exact plants for sale.

Nyctanthes is a plant that does not like to be stuck in a box, especially if a slow shipping method is chosen. We guarantee to ship healthy, rooted specimen plants and we provide the best packing, but we ship this plant at buyers own risk. We cannot refund or replace this plant. Please be sure to choose an expedited shipping method (USPS priority mail or faster).
Nyctanthes is not an indoor plant.

Nyctanthes is a TROPICAL plant from India and it is far from being considered an “INDOOR PLANT”. Indoor plants are plants that perform relatively well in indoor conditions without any adjustments to the environment. Without environment adjustments, Nyctanthes will decline really fast and die within days under normal indoor conditions.
Nyctanthes like any other tropical plant can be grown indoors as long as the right conditions are provided. That includes: good amounts of light, air humidity, air circulation and moderate warm temperatures.
Due to the nature of the plant and the indoor conditions of most households, we cannot offer guarantees on Nyctanthes. Please see our blog for some tips on growing plants indoors. You can visit our blog by finding the “W” icon under “follow us” located to your right.

That being said, here is more plant info for this lovely tree: 

A hard to find, very popular shrub or small tree native to India, Southern Asia, Thailand, etc. It is the official flower of India, the state of West Bengal, and Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. The sweetly scented flowers are small and pretty, opening at night and then drop off one by one by sunrise making a carpet of flowers. In our opinion, the flowers smell like honey which is very nice, but this plant is more known for its important place in Hindu mythology and the romantic story behind it! This plant has many common names like Indian Night Jasmine and the scientific name arbor-tristis also means “Sad Tree.” We have heard that the flowers can be used for flower leis and garlands and also that the flowers have been used as a source of yellow dye for clothing. Leaves on the Sad Tree are rough like sandpaper. You can grow the plant in a pot, but it is ideal if planted in the ground. It is a tropical plant and freezing temperatures should be avoided.

FAMILY : Oleaceae
ORIGIN : India, see above for more
TYPE/USES : shrub, small tree
MATURE SIZE : 6′- 8′ with trimming
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full to partial sun, outdoors only in tropical locations
MIN. TEMP. : keep above 40F, does not grow well indoors without proper conditions
FLOWER : AWESOME honey fragrance, Oct to May

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