Medinilla scortechinii – Orange Coral Medinilla (6″ pot)


This is a rare and unusual tropical broadleaf evergreen shrub. It features dark green, leathery leaves and when it flowers it displays bright orange-pink stalks and panicles which are reminiscent of tropical coral branches.

Ships in 6″ plastic nursery pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Medinilla Scortechinii is a spectacular and beautiful plant originating in the Philippines that can be grown as either a semi-terrestrial or an epiphytic shrub. This versatile shrub has a low spreading growth, reaching a height of 2’ to 3’ on average. It bears panicles with small flower clusters which attract bees, butterflies, and/or birds. Gardeners who live in USDA growing zones 10 and 11 can grow this plant as a tender perennial outdoors, but others must grow this exotic flower as a houseplant or patio tropical.


FAMILY: Melastomaceae
ORIGIN: Philippines
MATURE SIZE: 3’ on average
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Filtered light, direct sun will scorch leaves or drop them.
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Keep slightly moist, but avoid overwatering.
FLOWER: Fall, Winter

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