MALPIGHIA PUNICIFOLIA – Dwarf Barbado’s Cherry


This is the dwarf form of the Barbados cherry that produces small, sweet, cherries for your edible garden. This miniature tropical plant grows well outdoors in containers. It produces small pink flowers year round.

Ships in 4″ pot. Young plant. Does not come with cherries.
Some imperfections on the leaves are likely during the cold months.

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The Bonsai trees in the pictures are for reference purposes only. We only sell plants in plastic nursery pots. We also do not guarantee plants will arrive with cherries.

FAMILY : Malpighiaceae
ORIGIN : Central America, Caribbean
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full sun to partial sun
MIN. TEMP. : mid 30’s
FLOWER : sporadic throughout the year

This dwarf shrub has arching dark brown stems with small green leaves and pink flowers followed by small red cherries throughout the year. The cherries are small, but are edible. Excellent bonsai specimen. The creeping stems and sometimes exposed roots can create really interesting shapes.

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