Magnolia / Michelia champaca – Joy Perfume Tree (grafted)


This is a popular tree in the Magnolia family that produces yellow flowers. This is one of the most desirable fragrant tropical trees. The perfume “Joy” is known to contain some M. champaca flowers.

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Michelia champaca is now classified as a Magnolia. Joy Perfume Tree or “Champak” doesn’t produce large showy flowers like a typical Magnolia, but the scent of the flowers is absolutely heavenly. It is one of my most favorite fragrant tropical trees. 
Champaca produces light yellow flowers once a mature tree. The perfume “Joy” is known to contain some M. champaca flowers.
Magnolia’s grow fast and some trimming will be needed to keep it a small/medium tree. It blooms heavy in the spring, you can trim it if necessary after the flowers are gone. Flowers can be seen any time of the year on mature trees in tropical climates.
Champaca likes full to partial sun, average water and fertilizer.

Besides the most obvious, color of the flower, there are a few differences. The M. champaca has velvety leaves while the M. alba does not. The fragrance of the flowers are also different. Both are very pleasant, strong fragrances. In our opinion, M. champaca has a floral scent. M. alba has a floral scent with a hint of fruity. Both are tropical trees that can get big if you let it and they require the same treatment and conditions. M. alba is often harder to find for sale than the M. champaca.

Plant pictured next to a soda can was a plant in a 1gallon/6″ size pot. All pictures are for reference purposes only and not of actual plants for sale.

FAMILY : Magnoliaceae
ORIGIN : Southeast Asia
TYPE/USES : medium to large tree
MATURE SIZE : 20′-25′
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full/partial sun
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for a short period of time
FLOWER : warmer months on mature trees

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