Ludisia discolor – Jewel Orchid (6″ pot) (check back in summer)


The Jewel Orchid – Ludisia discolor is an unusual orchid species. They grow beautiful dark, ovate-shaped leaves with pretty pink veins. Jewel orchids bloom once a year, producing whitish flowers growing on long flower spikes. They make great houseplants perfect for a windowsill.

Ships in a 6″ pot. Does not come with flowers, but is mature to bloom.

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The Jewel Orchid is an Asian terrestrial orchid, not an epiphyte like most orchids. They are found growing in the ground under the forest canopy. They are a surface growing rhizome and a plant that does not develop a root system like regular plants do. Most orchids are grown for the beautiful colors, shapes and scents of their exotic flowers. However the Ludisia discolor is different because they are liked most for their stunning foliage which grows densely on upright stems.  They have velvety smooth, deep purple-green, almost black leaves with striking bright pinkish-orange pinstripe veins that run from the base to the tip. The undersides of the leaves are a rich burgundy red, with a shiny texture that catches the light beautifully. Like all orchids, the Jewel Orchid flowers regularly, they emerge in clusters along long stems that shoot out above the foliage. The blooms are tall with small pretty white with bright yellow centers and pink stems, and can last a month or more. The flowers appear around February/March.It is recommended to clip the flower spikes after the bloom period ends. Ludisia grows quite quickly and will become a large specimen plant within a few years given good growing conditions. Another nice thing about the Ludisia discolor is it’s a bit more drought tolerant then other jewel orchid species. An overall unique member of the orchid family, prized for being an ideal houseplant especially because they require shade. Any good quality peat/coir base potting soil will do. The soil needs to be kept slightly moist and temperatures below 55 degrees F. should be avoided. They can survive temperatures near freezing for short periods of time, but the plant is not going to look good. It is better to keep them above 55 F and if you can keep them above 60F is even better. The plant does not have a clear dormancy period, therefore it can be fed throughout the year, but be careful not to overfeed it.

*This orchid does not develop a huge root system like most plants, so when wanting to re-pot it please keep this in mind.

FAMILY: Orchids
ORIGIN: Southeastern Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia
6 – 12” tall
Indirect light
Average, letting it dry out a little before next watering
55 – 80 degrees F.

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