Easy to grow succulent with an unique look. Develops long leaves with brown splotches. Small plants develop all around the edges of the leaves. Very attractive foliage plant.

Ships in 4″ pot.

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Crassulaceae from Madagascar also known as Mule Ears.
This Kalanchoe develops long succulent leaves with brown splotches. The leaves can grow 12″ to 20″ long! What is even more neat about it is that small plants or plantlets develop all around the margins of the older leaves. It is quite unique an appealing.

This easy to grow succulent likes full sun to bright shade. It requires very good drainage and to dry out in between waterings. It grows 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide on average.

Very nice plant for hanging baskets or for a cactus garden.

Best if can protect from temperatures around mid 40’s F.