Kaempferia elegans – Silver Spot Peacock Ginger (4″pot)


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The Kaempferia elegans is a plant that is native to the  Southeast regions of Asia, that within the summer and early fall give rise to delicate light purple flowers, adding to its common name and noticeable attribute of silver spots of rows all across its body.

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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The Kaempferia elegans is commonly known to the world as silver spot, simply because of the rows of silver spots that grace its outer layer of its plant. This plant belongs to the family of Zinigiberceae or  “the ginger family”, and can naturally be found in the lands counting from China all the way down to India and other Southeast Asian regions of the world. Being that this plant is of “the ginger family” naturally it gives off a similar scent as that of the more commonly known ginger. Moreover, this tropical plant should be maintained with average watering and be kept where sunlight is present and areas of shade as well (direct sun light is not necessary). With the right atmospheric ingredients, this astonishing plant can grow up to  6 to 8 inches long and peak blooming seasons would be throughout the summer and early fall.  When these peak seasons come around this Kaempferia elegans florescence to magnificent purple flower, almost that of a light or frail purple hue.