Jasminum officinale ‘Grandiflorum’ – Poet’s Jasmine (Email for availability)

This jasmine isn’t as much of a vigorous grower as its sibling Flore Pleno, it uses it’s energy to produce larger flowers instead that are wonderfully fragrant. The flowers are fragrant in both the day and night, it is a sweet floral fragrance, used to make perfume in southern Europe. It is less hardy, perfect for someone in a warm climate. 

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Jasmine thrives in full sun to part shade in warm climates. Medium moisture in nutrient rich well draining potting soils is best, this jasmine doesn’t like to be overwatered. Let the soil dry halfway before watering again. Pruning is encouraged, especially once flowers have finished their cycle, pruning will allow for new growth to form buds. Protect from freezing temperatures, grow in a pot in cold climates. It is a semi-evergreen. 

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