Jacaranda cuspidifolia ‘Fairchild’ (Grafted) (6″ pot)


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Jacaranda trees get covered in purple blooms or flowers normally in the spring and it is one of the most stunning tropical flowering trees in the world. Grafted plants are rare. Nice for collectors.

Ships in 1gallon pot (6″ pot). Grafted. Does not come with flowers.

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*****Customer assumes all risks; no refunds or replacements as we cannot produce this plant in quantity and it is rare.

Jacaranda cuspidifolia ‘Fairchild’ comes from a tree at Fairchild Gardens (Miami) and it is a beautiful, reliable, heavy bloomer. We offer grafts of this Jacaranda. When you grow Jacaranda from seeds it may take between 5-7 years to flower and you may not get a good quality Jacaranda. With grafts, you know what you are getting and the plants will bloom on the first year. It is a well worth investment.
In our opinion, it is also much prettier than J. mimosifolia.
The last three pictures are a comparison betten J. Fairchild (left) and J. Sapphire (right). As you can see, the Fairchild is a lighter color.

FAMILY : Bignoniaceae
ORIGIN : Sothern Brazil to Northern Argentina
TYPE/USES : decidious tree
MATURE SIZE : up to 35′
MIN. TEMP. : low 20’s
FLOWER : warmer months

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Dimensions 48 × 10 × 10 in
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