Pretty light green leaves with veins. Can turn red in very bright light. Gorgeous peach, cup shaped flowers. 

Ships in 5″ pot. The plant in the photo is the exact plant for sale. It does not have flowers.

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This species produces very attractive and showy cup shaped flowers with fused corolla lobes. The corolla is pinkish-orange and the corona is pink with yellow center. The scent of the flowers is a little bit sweet.

The leaves are very similar to H. blashernaezii, but larger. It has nice soft, light green leaves with visible veins. Some leaves turn shades of red when exposed to more light. This hoya has been very easy to grow for us. It is an easy bloomer for me and blooms frequently once it is established. This impressive Hoya is native to The Philippines and is rarely offered for sale.

We grow our hoyas outside in S. FL in filtered light, keep soils dry and protect from cold temperatures.

All photos are taken of our mature mother plants, not the young plants for sale.

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