Hoya rotundiflora (3″ pot)


This Hoya is known for its interesting rectangular or square shaped leaves. It also produces very pretty fragrant white flowers when mature that have a delicious lemony scent. I would recommend for experienced growers only.

Ships in 3″ pot. Photo #2 ONLY, is an example on size plant for sale.
Our plants are grown outside in FL; imperfections/blemishes are possible.

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This is a rarely offered Hoya with really neat leaves. This Hoya used to go by the name sp. ‘Square’. It was published in August 2011 with the name Hoya rotundiflora. It was published by Michele Rodda & Nadhanielle Simonsson. It was discovered in 2005. 
The leaves are square or rectangle shaped and slightly pubescent. It is one of the most unusual leaves in the hoya family! Although known for the foliage, the flowers are really cute as well. They are revolute, mostly white with small red dot in center. The flowers have a delicious lemon fragrance at night. 
I would not recommend this species for a beginner, but it is a rewarding one to have if you are familiar with growing Hoyas that can be fussy at first. It is a slow grower at the beginning, not putting out many roots, but once more established, it is then easy, fast growing, and blooms readily.

****This species does not develop a lot of roots very quickly. Please understand when buying a plant from us that it will not be rootbound, but will have new growth actively sprouting.

Hoyas require filtered light and to be kept a little on the dry side. Do not expose to cold temperatures. We grow them outside in south Florida.

All photos were taken of my mature mother plant, not the plants for sale.

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