Hoya rigida IML 1529 (4″ pot) (blemishes)


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Beautiful leaves with prominent veins, dimples, and some silver flecks. Hi, Foliage lovers! Rarely offered.

Ships in 4″ pot. Photo #2 and #3 ONLY, are an example on size plant for sale. They may have some spots/imperfections from our extreme heat and humidity but they are harmless. 1-2 cuttings per pot only.

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We purchased this one directly from Liddle’s Nursery in Australia as a cutting and it only took one year to start blooming. The corolla is cream or off-white color. The pretty star corona is white with pink and yellow center. The scent of the flowers is mild, but is pleasant.

The foliage is more attractive in my opinion. It has beautiful, glossy, medium to large size leaves that have a lot of visible and prominent veins and some dimples.

This Hoya is native to Thailand.

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