Hoya polystachya IML 1410 (2.5″ pot) (seedling)


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We are selling seedlings off of our Hoya polystachya IML 1410. We don’t know if these were crossed with another Hoya. Lovely leaves so far. Flower shape and color may be different. Fun mystery!

Ships in 2.5″ pot. You will receive one plant similar in size to the ones in the photos. Does not have flowers. It is extremely hot and humid in FL and some of the leaves may develop some spots/imperfections. They are harmless.

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This polystachya clone develops impressive large leaves with visible prominent white veins. This will satisfy any foliage lover and collector. I do think this clone has prettier flowers than other polystachya or macrophylla because they are more pink versus yellowish. The buds are dark pink. My mother plant blooms with several clusters at the same time making a nice display during the warmer months. This Hoya has been easy to grow and bloom. It is rarely offered for sale.

We grow our hoyas outside in south FL. They receive bright indirect light and water only when dry. Protect well from cold.

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