Hoya paulshirleyi (imperfections) (once nominated the most ugly Hoya EVA) (2.5″ pot)


Attractive foliage. Fragrant pink flowers. Rarely offered. Once nominated the “ugliest Hoya ever on facebook”. Do you agree?

Ships in 2.5″ pot. Photo #2 and #3 ONLY, show an example on size plant for sale. This Hoya develops blemishes and imperfections on the leaves in our climate, almost ALWAYS. Flowers are gorgeous and leaves can be too if you can provide a different climate. 

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This Hoya was named by Ted Green and Dale Kloppenburg, after a friend and very well known hoya collector and grower from Holland, Paul Shirley. It was collected by Paul Shirley in Sulawesi in 1994. H. paulshirleyi produces small flowers, but very pretty pink color with darker pink corona. It is fragrant. Flowers last 1 or 2 days only, but it flowers frequently when mature.
The leaves are light green with visible lighter green veins that resemble a turtle shell. The leaves remind me of H. elliptica. When exposed to more light, the leaves will get more rose/reddish color on leaves and it is really pretty. This hoya was previously sold as Hoya sp Sulawesi IPPS 8845 or GPS 8845. This hoya is very rarely offered for sale.

We grow our hoyas outside in filtered light, keep soils slightly dry and protect from cold temperatures.

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