Very appealing cordate shaped leaves with some silver flecks. 
Ships in 4″ pot. Photo #2 ONLY, is the exact plant for sale. The plant on top of the brown stool.

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This hoya was sold to me as a type of parasitica, but does not appear to have the typical parasitica leaves. 

The leaves are very attractive and it makes a beautiful foliage plant. The leaves are emerald green and obtuse shape with a blunt tip. The leaves also have pretty silver flecks.

I am expecting very fragrant flowers, but I have had my mother plant only for a year and it has not bloomed yet.

This Hoya seems to enjoy the warm humid weather in south FL and grows strong and quickly.
We grow our hoyas outside in filtered light (in south FL) and water about once a week. Will need to be well protected in winter. 

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