Hoya pachyclada (long leaf form) (4″ pot)


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Succulent leaves. This form has a longer leaf/different shape than the typical H. pachyclada. Pure white flowers with pleasant night fragrance.

Ships in 4″ pot. Photo #2 is an an example on size plant for sale. 

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This pachyclada clone has appealing succulent leaves that have a more oblong shape and a blunt tip. The leaves are medium green with some visible white venation. Once mature, it produces classic pure white flowers with a pleasant fragrance at night. Very pretty, both the flowers and leaves. Don’t over water, grow in a well drained mix and clay pot, and have proper air circulation if not grown outdoors.
We grow our hoyas outside in south FL in filtered light, we only water when dry, and we protect well during the cold months. 
You will be receiving a plant in a 5″ pot with hoop trellis and it is the exact plant in the photos. The pictures of the flowers were taken of my mature mother plant in bloom, not the young plant for sale. The 4th picture is a comparison of the “original” Hoya pachyclada (bottom) and the Hoya pachyclada ‘longer leaf clone’ (top).

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