Hoya obscura (Larger Flowers) (3″ pot)


This easy to grow Hoya produces salmon pink to yellow flowers that are fragrant at night. It is one of the best blooming hoyas once established. The green leaves are attractive and can turn red and burgundy in high light. I would recommend for a beginner.
This clone has larger flowers***!

Ships in 3″ pot. Photo #2 ONLY, is an example on size plant for sale.
Our plants are grown outside in FL; imperfections/blemishes are possible.

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This is a compact species that grows really well and strong. It is an attractive plant for a hanging basket.
The flowers are small, revolute or ball shaped and the color varies from salmon/pink to yellow or off-white. The flowers smell very nice at night. Once established, it blooms profusely nearly year round in a tropical climate. My mature plant that I don’t cut for propagation has a never-ending supply of flowers.

The leaves are green with venation and can turn red/purple in high light, especially during the cooler months. It makes this species even more appealing. I don’t recommend full sun though as it can burn the leaves.

Hoya obscura is native to The Philippines. It is very tropical and needs to be well protected in the winter time. Grow in shade or bright filtered light. We grow our hoyas outside in south FL.
Needs good drainage and has no problem drying out a little bit.

All photos were taken of our mature mother plants in bloom, not of the young plants for sale.

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