An unique species that is both rarely offered and recommended for beginners. Easy to grow and perfect for small spaces. Can be a good bloomer and an early bloomer. Rarely offered.

Ships in 2″ net pot. First photo only shows an example on size for sale.

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This species is really easy to grow and I would recommend it for a beginner. It does not grow very big and is a good species for someone with limited space.
The leaves are thick, light green color, and are glabrous. The leaves remind me of H. diptera.

The flowers are not flashy colors, but they are unusual and unique. The flowers are small, but they have a pleasant fragrance that are sure to make up for it. The corolla is yellow with very pale pink and the corona is brown and yellow.
My mother plant blooms frequently and it started blooming at a young age.

This Hoya is native to Sulawesi which is an island in Indonesia. This species is rarely offered for sale.

We grow ours outside in south FL in filtered light, it only gets watered when it rains or when the soil is dry and it is well protected from cold temperatures as it is a tropical plant.