Fuzzy leaves. Large fragrant white flowers once mature. Rarely offered.

This is a well rooted cutting/starter plant in 2″ net pot. All photos show an example on what you will receive. Ready to go in 4″ pot.

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This is a rarely offered species that once mature, produces amazing white flowers. The name magnifica actually means magnificent! The flowers on H. magnifica are large, semi cup-shaped and fragrant. I just love the look of a large corolla with tiny corona. It is said that this hoya belongs in a group with H. albiflora, H. australis, and H. calycina.
This hoya also has appealing fuzzy green leaves. It is a fast grower and is a good climber. This hoya is native to Papua New Guinea and is rarely offered for sale.

We grow our Hoyas outside in south FL in filtered light and we protect well from cold temperatures. We let it dry a little in between watering, but I have also heard that it does not like to completely dry out. 
Unfortunately this plant has not bloomed for me because of our too hot and humid weather.