Hoya latifolia (some call it loyceandrewsiana) (4″ pot) (imperfections)


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This Hoya develops large, round, green leaves. The leaves get so big that it was nicknamed “dinner plate” hoya. It produces fragrant white perfect ball shape flowers when mature. There is some debate on what is the true H. latifolia. This is what I believe to be the true one because it was published first. Please view all photos to make sure it is what you are looking for.

Ships in 4″ pot. Photo #2 and #3 ONLY, show an example on size plant for sale. The older leaves from the mother plant have spots and blemishes but they are harmless. New growth is clean in different climate. Please make sure you view all photos before purchasing, no refunds for errors.

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Hoya latifolia tends to develop black dots on some leaves from living outside in south FL at our nursery. The spots are not a disease and will not affect the plants health.

All photos are of our mother plants and not actual plants for sale! 

This hoya develops really big leaves. Some people call this hoya ‘dinner plate hoya’ because the leaves get so big and round that they resemble a plate you eat off of. The leaves also sometimes have pretty silver flecks.
Once established, it produces beautiful white flowers that are very perfumed at night. You usually see many flowers per umbel and the cluster can resemble a big ball, as seen in the pictures of my mother plants in bloom.
This hoya is not a fast grower at the beginning, but eventually it can grow big and needs space. I have found it to be very easy to grow and flower when grown outside in FL. We grow them in filtered light and only water once the soil drys out. Keep above 50 degrees F, okay to bring inside during the winter time, but try to give it extra light, humidity, and proper air circulation.
Very impressive hoya, must have for your collection!

FAMILY : Apocynaceae
ORIGIN : Indonesia, Malaysia
TYPE/USES : trellis with good support, hanging basket
MATURE SIZE : 3′ – 4′ long vine
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : filtered light to bright shade
WATER REQUIREMENTS : let dry before watering
MIN. TEMP. : low 50’s
FLOWER : warmer months on mature plants, fragrant at night
COMMENTS : huge round leaves, gets really heavy

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