Hoya lasiantha (2.5″ pot) (check back later)


Very interesting flowers and normally an early bloomer. For the more experienced grower. Rarely offered.

Ships in 2.5″ pot. You will receive one plant similar to the ones in the photos. Does not have flowers. Has imperfections, needs TLC. Not for beginners!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The leaves on this interesting Hoya are thin and large. They are much larger than the leaves on its “cousin” H. praetorii. The leaves also sometimes have some flecks. The flowers are very different and very pretty. The corolla is yellow with white hairs and the corona is a light yellow/cream color and they have a very light pleasant scent. The flowers remind us of little baby chicks, lol. This hoya isn’t much of a climber, it grows more like a bush. This hoya likes to be kept slightly moist, but not soaked. This hoya has grown well for us and our mature mother plant blooms non-stop. It was also an early bloomer for me.

Despite being easy to grow for me outside in S. Florida, I would recommend this for more experienced Hoya growers only. We grow our Hoyas outside in filtered light and we protect well from cold temperatures. This Hoya is rooted but not pot bound, please do not transplant it now. Do not let it dry out.

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