Hoya lacunosa ‘Langkawi Island’ EPC-523 (2″ pot) (check back later)


When I purchased this Hoya over 10 years ago, I was told that it was the smallest known H. lacunosa leaf. It has cute small leaves that respond well to sun-stressing. Fragrant white flowers.
I have since seen a H. lacunosa ‘Perangin Durian’ that may be the same plant or is just very very similar. 

Ships in 2″ pot. Photo #2 and #3 ONLY, show an example on size plant for sale.
Our plants are grown outside in FL; imperfections/blemishes are possible.

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This is a H. lacunosa clone that has the smallest leaves out of the bunch. It is a gorgeous plant to have in your collection as even just a foliage plant in a hanging basket. It is great for limited space. Flowers are small, white with yellow center and fragrant. It has more rounded corona apexes.

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