Hoya kerrii (inner variegated) (faded variegation) (5″ pot) (imperfections)


This tropical succulent “wax flower” has succulent, variegated, heart shaped leaves and produces pretty white and burgundy flowers when mature. This is an easy to grow plant for beginners.

Ships in 5″ pot. You will receive one plant similar to the ones that you see in the photos. They do not have flowers. The variegation is pretty faded on these.
Hoya kerrii always develops blemishes and black dots when grown outside in FL, especially on the back of the leaves. It is harmless.

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**This Hoya is a slow grower at the beginning. Please understand that it takes time for us to root them and sell a live rooted plant to you. Therefore, you may not receive a big plant. There are normally only 1-2 cuttings per pot. Thank you for understanding and happy growing!

This is a beautiful H. kerrii clone with some variegated leaves. The variegation is displayed on the center of the leaves, different than the regular variegated one which is on the edges or margins of the leaves. This is a stunning heart shaped beauty for the foliage lover. The flowers are a very pretty bonus and you can see them during the warmer months on mature plants. This is an easy to grow plant for me that thrives on neglect. Hoya kerrii is native to Thailand. This variegated clone sometimes loses the variegation on the leaves, but I have had many plants revert back to variegated!

We grow our Hoyas outside in south FL in filtered light, they get watered only when it rains or when the soil is dry, and they are well protected in the winter because they are tropical. 

Please understand that sometimes the leaves are not a perfect heart shape. All pictures were taken of our mature mother plants only, not the plants for sale.

***You may receive a plant that does not have much variegation on the leaves at the time. This Hoya tends to lose the variegation at a certain point, but then for unknown reasons, the variegation may come back!

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