A rare shingle type hoya with fascinating leaves and flowers.

It looks like this one has 2 green leaves and 2 mottled leaves. The plant for sale is mounted on a tree fern plaque/pole. You will receive the exact plant in the photos. No refunds!
Flower pictures taken from mature stock plant only. The plant for sale does not have flowers.

Only 1 left in stock


This Hoya is a shingle plant which means that the leaves attach on surfaces like a suction cup. This is a really pretty species because you can see shades of green, pink and purple on the leaves and they are also have some flecks. You can grow this Hoya mounted on a piece of log, tree fern, or plaque. If it doesn’t have a flat surface, the leaves curl and close up making pockets. In nature, it is an epiphyte and it climbs up trees attaching itself to branches and trunks for many feet.
Although this hoya is normally purchased for the fascinating leaves and the way it grows, the flowers are also very appealing. The flowers are yellow with many hairs and the clusters really stand out. This is quite an unique and interesting Hoya for your collection and it is also rarely offered for sale.

We grow our imbricata’s outside in south Florida in bright filtered light and we protect very well from cold temperatures. This hoya is native to The Philippines (doesn’t get cold).
We keep them in a shade house at the nursery that receives water daily in the summer. This Hoya likes a lot of humidity and moisture. It might be a good idea to mist the plant daily if you live in a dry climate, in addition to its normal watering.
Would recommend for more experienced and serious collectors only.