Hoya cv. Joy (4″ pot) (rehab with imperfections) #1


For the foliage lover AND the flower lover! Rarely offered hybrid.

Ships in 4″ pot. You will receive the exact plant in the photo. Does not have flowers. No refunds.

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This is a H. sp. Laos and H. vitellina hybrid. This beauty develops big beautiful leaves with prominent veins and some silver flecks. Leaf is glabrous on top and slightly pubescent on the underside. This Hoya differs from my H. cv. Noelle because it has deep red/brown leaf margins while the Noelle is all green.

Hoya cv. Joy produces beautiful flowers with an unusual and showy color combination. The corolla is bright yellow and corona is light pink especially at the tips. The flowers have a pleasant fragrance. It is an early bloomer in my experience, normally developing the first peduncle within a couple of years. Once mature, it also was a frequent bloomer at my nursery.

We grow our Hoyas outside in south Florida in filtered light, they are only watered when dry, and are very well protected in the winter time.

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