Hoya cupula (3″ pot)


Similar to Hoya sp. mini kentiana, but the flowers and leaves have some differences in my opinion. It is super cute and the flowers have a sweet fragrance. Easy to grow. Uncommon.
The late Ted Green sent this to me. Ted Green passed away this year (2022) at 100 years old.

Ships in 3″ pot. Photo #2 is the exact plant for sale.
Our plants are grown outside in FL; imperfections/blemishes are possible.

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Hoya cupula appears to have shiny new growth and I have not noticed this on mini kentiana.
Mini kentiana also seems to be pubescent and cupula is more glabrous.
As far as the flowers go, in my opinion the corona’s are different.
They may eventually become the same species, but these are the differences that I have noticed.

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