Hoya blashernaezii ssp. valmayoriana (2.5″ pot)


Super cute and colorful flowers. Attractive leaves with venation. Rarely offered.

Ships in 2.5″ pot. Photo #2 ONLY, is an example on size plant for sale.
Our plants are grown outside in FL; imperfections/blemishes are possible.

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The small flowers are very showy & exotic colors. The corolla is orange and the corona is dark pink and it looks really neat together. Once mature, this Hoya is a frequent bloomer for me. This species also has attractive narrow green leaves with visible veins. The leaves can develop a pinkish-red color when exposed to more bright light.

We grow our Hoyas outside in S. FL in filtered light, we only water them when it rains or when the soil is dry and we protect well from cold temperatures. This species is native to The Philippines and is not offered very often.

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