Hoya australis ssp. sanae IML 0171 (3″ pot)


An unusual and rarely offered Hoya australis clone. Smaller narrow leaves. Typical flowers, white with red and fragrant.

Ships in 3″ pot. Photo #2 ONLY, is an example on size plant for sale.
Our plants are grown outside in FL; imperfections/blemishes are possible.

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I purchased this Hoya from Liddle’s Nursery in Australia. It has small quilted leaves that have recurved edges. According to Mark Randal, (Hoya grower and expert) it has a more restrained growth habit than H. australis ssp. australis. The small to medium size leaves and its delicate appearance makes this clone a very appealing hanging basket plant.
Once established, this Hoya produces typical H. australis flowers that are white with some red in the center. The flowers are fragrant and they attract butterflies! This Hoya is native to Somerset, Queensland.
This is a rare H. australis clone.

We grow our Hoyas outside in south FL in filtered light, we keep soils slightly dry, and we protect from cold temperatures.

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