Hoya aff. rigida from Laos (4″ pot) (free giveaway!)

Pretty leaves, large with some silver flecks. Very fragrant flowers. Unique and rarely offered.

Photo #2.
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This is a non-fussy, fast growing Hoya that develops very appealing and unique large leaves. The dark green leaves have prominent veins and some pretty silver splashes. You can see pink flecks on the leaves when the plant is exposed to a lot of light. The flowers are also pretty (typical rigida) and they are super fragrant. It is an early bloomer (in my experience) and you can see many clusters through out the warm months once it is mature. I believe beginners would do well with it. This hoya is native to Laos and likes humidity.

We grow our Hoyas outside in south FL in filtered light, they only get watered when it rains or when the soil is dry, and they are protected well in the winter time.

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