GUAIACUM OFFICINALE – Roughbark Lignum Vitae


A very attractive tropical evergreen tree native to the Caribbean and South America. It is the national flower of Jamaica. A slow growing tree with handsome leaves and periwinkle flowers during the warm months. It is known for its dense and beautiful heartwood. A rare plant for collectors and something beautiful and different for small gardens.

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Family: Zygophyllaceae

This is known as the “true lignum vitae”.
This attractive tree grows well in full to partial sun in tropical locations. It is very tolerant of moist soils, dry soils, wind, and salt. 
It is a slow growing tree, perfect for small gardens or containers.  
During the warm months, beautiful blue/purple or periwinkle flowers cover the tree.
It develops very dense wood and is known for the beautiful heartwood used for woodworking. It is also said that the resin is used for medicinal purposes.
Hardy to temperatures around 32F. Mature plants seem to survive short frosts. 
This is a rare tree that was listed as an endangered species in 1998.

All photos were taken of our mature mother plants, not the young plants for sale. 

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