GARDENIA AUGUSTA ‘VIETNAM’ – Vietnamese Gardenia


This tropical Gardenia produces large, single, fragrant, white flowers year round in warm climates. This plant likes to grow outdoors and is one of the best Gardenia’s out there.

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Gardenia Vietnam is one of the newest gardenias to show up in the market. It will grow up to about 5 feet. It is an amazing bloomer, flowering intermittently during most of the year. The flowers are single, large and fragrant. Gardenia Vietnam will grow in full to partial sun. Likes average water. The soil has to be porous (good drainage), and slightly acidic. The addition of compost to the soil is beneficial. The use of a fertilizer for acid loving plants is also recommended. In many situations a regular palm fertilizer is enough. Freezing temperatures should be avoided. Their resistance to nematodes is still unknown therefore soils with poor organic content should be avoided, unless the plant is grown potted and above the ground.

FAMILY: Rubiaceae
ORIGIN: Vietnam
MATURE SIZE: 4′ – 5′ on average
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: full to partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS: average to slightly moist
MIN TEMP: low 30’s for short periods, but protect if possible
FLOWERS: year round, fragrant

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